Night train to Brussels

Travel to Brussels by night train. Book cheap Train tickets from 29,90 EUR. Overnight train connections to Brussels are available from Vienna, Zurich, Berlin, Munich, Copenhagen and Malmö.

Arrival: after Brussels by night train


ÖBB nightjet NJ
Berlin Central Station20:18
Halle (Saale) main station22:18
Erfurt main station23:36
Frankfurt (Main) South02:12
Brussels Midi09:56
Departure only on the following weekdays: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


ÖBB nightjet NJ40468
Vienna Central Station18:08
Vienna Meidling18:15
St.Pölten Central Station18:43
Linz Central Station19:37
Wels main station20:48
Munich East22:45
Mainz Main Station04:54
Koblenz main station05:47
Bonn Central Station06:34
Aachen Central Station08:10
Bruxelles Midi09:56
Train runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Departure: from Brussels by night train


ÖBB nightjet NJ
Brussels Midi19:05
Frankfurt (Main) South03:13
Erfurt main station05:49
Berlin Central Station08:26
Departure only on the following weekdays: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.


ÖBB nightjet NJ40425
Bruxelles Midi18:48
Aachen Central Station21:10
Bonn Central Station22:20
Koblenz main station23:25
Mainz Main Station00:36
Munich East05:46
Salzburg Central Station07:30
Linz Central Station08:48
St.Pölten Central Station09:38
Vienna Meidling10:08
Vienna Central Station10:13
Train runs Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

4 thoughts on “Brüssel”

  1. Erlsbacher Margareth

    I read in the TZ of 30.09./01.10.23 that there will be a direct night train from Munich to Brussels from December.
    It's about time. Why can't I find anything? Is there a direct night train or not? I find it impossible that you always have to change trains in Frankfurt with the ICE.

    1. Hello, something is finally happening! There is a direct night train from Vienna via Munich (Ostbahnhof only) to Brussels. Here is the direct link to the night train Munich-Brussels. I have reorganised it on this page. Important: book in good time! The train is usually fully booked relatively quickly (at least the couchettes and sleeping cars). Best wishes and have a nice journey, Peter 🙂

  2. We are planning a trip from Zurich to Brussels and would like more information. What are the timetables for the connection Zurich - Brussels - Zurich and what are the costs. Best regards Heinz Richter

    1. Hello, Mr. Richter.
      There is currently no direct night train from Zurich to Brussels, nor is there any option to include a night train in the itinerary.

      The following options are available:

      1) About Germany:
      There are several connections daily. These are recommended with only one change in Frankfurt (Main) main station, where there is a change time of approx. 40 minutes, which is quite relaxed.
      Travel time around 7:30 hours.
      Train tickets are available from 39 EUR (2nd class) and from 59 EUR (1st class incl. seat reservation). on the booking pages:
      NSInternational - simple booking system
      German railways - Here you can also select a seat of your choice: Recommendation in the area (Zugspitze) directly behind the driver

      Example (can also change according to travel date):

      Zurich HB from 07:59 / ICE
      Frankfurt (Main) Hbf arrives 11:52

      Frankfurt (Main) main station from 12:29 / ICE
      Bruxelles Midi arr 15:35

      2) About France
      From Zurich via Basel and Strasbourg to Brussels. Either with the direct TGV Strasbourg-Brussels, or with a diversion via Paris.
      For connections via Paris, please note the change of station. On the Paris-Brussels route, you can also use the Thalys high-speed train.
      Ticket prices: these vary greatly, but are usually significantly more expensive than option (1).

      Timetables and prices are clearly laid out on the booking page of Omio to find.


      Zurich HB from 10:59 / Eurocity
      Basel SBB arriving 11:53

      Basel SBB from 12:21 / TER regional train
      Strasbourg arriving 13:39

      Strasbourg from 14:30 / TGV
      Brussels Midi arriving 18:43

      In my opinion, option (1) via Germany is the more practical one. Cheaper. Faster.
      It is a long journey with a minimum of 7:30 hours driving time. Perhaps you could also make an overnight stop in a town along the way...

      If you need further help, let me know.

      Best regards and have a good trip, Peter F. 🙂

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