Night train in Europe

Travelling across Europe by night train. Board in the evening and wake up relaxed the next morning. Here you will find the best night train routes and lots of information about couchettes, sleeping cars and how a night train journey works. We also show you where you can buy your ticket at the best price.

Night train in Europe and Germany

Tickets from 29 EUR

With the ÖBB nightjet night train, you can travel from Germany to Switzerland, Austria and Italy in a seating car from 29 euros. You can travel even more comfortably in a couchette car from EUR 49.

Travel reports on the rail travel platform

Night train Munich to Rome

Travelogue: a relaxed overnight train journey from Germany to Italy.

Night train Budapest to Munich

Travelogue: The memorable interior of a night train.

Night train Vienna to Venice

Travelogue: overnight from Austria to Italy.

Night train Berlin to Vienna

Travelogue: In a sleeping car from the German to the Austrian capital.

Questions and answers

If you have questions about your night train journey, I recommend the website Raildude. There are travel reports and a large forum.

Sustainable travel

Act now and travel sustainably. The night train is the ideal means of transport to travel long distances overnight in a sustainable way. In addition to a relaxed journey, you travel in an environmentally friendly way. Depart in the evening and wake up in a metropolis in the morning.

Board the night train stress-free in the evening.
Save yourself the hotel costs.
Arrive relaxed at your destination in the morning.
On I explain everything you need to know about night trains. Benefit from my more than 40 years of experience.
P. Freisberg

Travel reports from the Raildude Community

The night train from Kiev (Ukraine) to Chisinau (Moldova).

The night train from Dresden/Leipzig (Germany) to Zurich (Switzerland).

The night train from Istanbul (Turkey) to Sofia (Bulgaria).

A former night train connection from Berlin (Germany) to Moscow (Russia).

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