Berlin-Vienna ÖBB nightjet 457

The ÖBB nightjet overnight train NJ457 connects Berlin and Vienna with a journey time of 12 hours and 17 minutes. Ticket prices start at EUR 29.90. Important stops along the route are Frankfurt/Oder and Breslau (Wroclaw). The train has seats, couchettes and sleeping cars. The night train is family-friendly: children up to the age of 5 travel free of charge. Children from 6 to 14 years of age receive discounted tickets. And there are private compartments in the seating and couchette carriages. The train saves you a night in a hotel.

Night train timetable

Timetable Berlin-Vienna

Berlin Central Station18:43
Berlin East Station18:53
Zielona Gora Gl.20:5020:52
Wroclaw Glowny22:4623:11
Opole Glowne23:5023:52
Ostrava hl.n.02:2702:30
Vienna Central Station07:00

Information on the Night train from Vienna to Berlin.

Night train couchette and sleeping car


The following categories are available on Nightjet NJ457.

Night train journey time

Travel time

The journey time of the NJ457 from Berlin to Vienna is 12 hours and 17 minutes.

Night Train Ticket Prices

Ticket prices Berlin-Vienna

Seat 2nd classfrom EUR 29.90
Berth in a 6-berth compartment from EUR 49.90
Berth in a 4-bed compartment from EUR 59.90
Sleeping car berth in 3-bed compartment from EUR 89.90
Sleeping car berth in 2-bed compartment from EUR 109.90
Sleeping car berth in 1-bed compartment from EUR 159,90

The ticket price depends on your Travel date and Purchase date. The sooner you book, the higher the likelihood of a Economy rail/savings fare ticket to receive. If you choose Departure day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday are fewer travellers on the train, which also results in a cheaper ticket price leads.

Buy night train ticket

Where to buy a ticket?

You can buy your ticket either at Omio (Instructions how to buy the right ticket), NS International, the ÖBB or the German Railways Buy

Children on the night train


Up to 5 years: Children up to 5 years old travel free of charge if they share the pitch with an adult. If they need their own place to sleep, they can travel with the Favourable ticket "Child travel.

Ideally it is a Own compartment on the train to book. For more information, see "Private compartment".

Night Train Private Compartment

Private compartment and families

Would you like to go out with your family or friends alone in a compartment travel, without other travellersyou can book your own compartment. This is possible in the seating car, couchette and sleeping car.

Own compartment in the seat carriage from 99 euros

You can have your own seat compartment for Maximum 3 persons for an all-inclusive price starting at 99 euros. These three people can be adults or at least one adult with a maximum of two children up to 14 years.
With three travellers, you can pull out the facing seats a bit, put your legs up and quite comfortable and really very good value travel overnight!

Own compartment in couchette car from 199 euros

Your own couchette compartment is Ideal for families or a Group of friends. You can book a private compartment for a maximum of 6 people from 199 euros. Of which maximum 3 persons adult be, or maximum 5 children up to 14 years old. So it works wonderfully: two parents with one to four children.

Your own compartment in the sleeper car from 159 euros

You can book a sleeper compartment for one, two or three persons from 159 euros. So just for you alone as a single, if you are travelling as a couple as a double or as a triple.
It is important that you book all seats in the compartment. Example: if you are travelling alone and book a bed in a double compartment, it is possible that the second bed (because it is a double) will be occupied by someone else.
Therefore: If you are travelling alone, book the Single option, in pairs the option Double, ...
You also have the option between Standard and Deluxe (including private shower and toilet in the compartment).

Buy a ticket from Berlin to Vienna

ÖBB nightjet

Buy fast, secure and simply your night train ticket on the official ÖBB nightjet website.


At Omio you will find a list of many train connections.

NS International

NS International, as the Dutch state railway, offers the secure purchase of international train tickets.

German railways

The booking page of Deutsche Bahn.

You save money and a lot of time with this night train. The long journey during the day and at least one overnight stay in a hotel. The ÖBB nightjet from Berlin to Vienna is the Sustainable and stress-free alternative to flying!
P. Freisberg
Night Train Group Tour


Groups of 6 or more get a discount on the standard price for a seat. These can be requested from ÖBB Customer Service on the following telephone number (in Austria): +43 5 1717

Night Train Dogs and Animals

Dog and animals

You can take your dog or pet with you. However, you have to book a whole compartment, just for you or shared with friends/family members. Your dog will travel with 29 euros calculated. Just add him under "who is driving" on the ÖBB booking page.

Night train bicycle transport


You can simply add the ticket for your bike to the ÖBB booking page ("who rides"). The bicycle on a bicycle parking space is marked with 12 Euro extra calculated. Of course, you can also take your bike disassembled or folded up in a bag as normal luggage. However, I recommend a private compartment.


Night train Car Motorbike

Car and motorbike

You cannot take a car or motorbike on this night train connection. An alternative for you would be the ÖBB nightjet 491 from Hamburg to Vienna.

Photos ÖBB nightjet

Sleeping car

Couchette car

Seat carriage

Daytime train connection from Berlin to Vienna

You can also travel the route from Berlin to Vienna during the day. The Journey time is 08:32 hours. You can buy train tickets from EUR 39 Buy

Berlin Central StationRailjet RJ25706:17
Dresden main station08:0708:10
Praha hl.n.10:3110:44
Brno hl.n.13:1913:21
Vienna Central Station14:49

Videos ÖBB nightjet


Where can I book the ÖBB nightjet from Berlin to Vienna?

You can buy your ticket for the night train from Berlin to Vienna at Omio (Instructions how to buy the right ticket), NS International, at which German Railways and the ÖBB Buy

What does a couchette car on the ÖBB nightjet Berlin-Vienna look like?

A couchette car is a compartment with two or three couches on top of each other - on the left and on the right side. The middle is free. You can reach the upper berths with a ladder.

What does a sleeper car on the ÖBB nightjet Berlin-Vienna look like?

A sleeping car is a compartment with a maximum of three beds. Depending on the occupancy, these are folded out or fixed to the wall. There is always a washbasin in the compartment. In the slightly more expensive deluxe compartments, you also have your own private shower and toilet. Otherwise, this is in the corridor.

What does the ÖBB nightjet from Berlin to Vienna cost?

You can buy seat tickets from 29 EUR. A 6-seater couchette compartment is available from 49 EUR. For a seat in a 4-seater couchette, you pay from 59 EUR. And a bed in the Sleeping Car costs from 89 EUR (in a Triple), from 109 EUR (in a Double) and from 159 EUR (in a Single). The prices depend on your travel date and how far in advance you book.

Which is cheaper: flight or train from Berlin to Vienna?

On average, the train is cheaper. When making an honest calculation, also take into account the departure to and from the airport to the city centres. In addition, you need one hotel night less with the night train. Besides: the environment you damage with a flight is priceless.

At other questions contact the RailDude Forumin which many train passengers Extensive answer will be given.

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Interrail Eurail

Interrail and Eurail reservations

You can use the ÖBB nightjet from Berlin to Vienna with your Interrail/Eurail Pass. However, you have to buy a reservation. In return, you save travel time and overnight accommodation in a hostel or hotel.

CategoryInterrail/Eurail Price
Seat14 EUR
Couchette 6-person compartment34 EUR
Couchette car 4-person compartment44 EUR
Sleeping car 3-person compartment54 EUR
Sleeping car 2-person compartment74 EUR
Sleeping car 1 compartment124 EUR
Sleeping Car Deluxe 3 Compartment74 EUR
Sleeping Car Deluxe 2 Compartment94 EUR
Sleeping Car Deluxe 1 Compartment144 EUR

What is Interrail/Eurail?

Interrail/Eurail is a train ticket that allows you to travel by train for a flat rate of up to three months in up to 33 European countries. You can find all information about Interrail here.

Night train regulation

You only need to enter the departure date in your Interrail/Eurail Pass. Not the date of arrival. You will therefore spend on your pass only one travel daywhich is the day of departure. You can also use other trains on this departure day.

Example: you travel from Leipzig to Berlin in the morning of 02 July. Spend the day sightseeing in Berlin. And in the evening you take the night train to Vienna. On 03 July you arrive in Vienna in the morning. The travel day you enter is only 02 July.

Night train Berlin-Vienna

Flight from Berlin to Vienna

Of course you can also fly the route from Berlin to Vienna. The flight time is around 2 hours. Then there is the way from Berlin city centre to the airport. The same in Vienna, from the airport back to the city centre. Be there in good time, check-in, etc.

Sustainable is, of course, not to sit in a subsidised plane for a short time. Everyone has to decide for themselves at what point they start doing something for Planet Earth. And on this route, from Berlin to Vienna, it's really easy.

On the night train you save transfers and waiting times. In addition, a Night at the hotelwhich is not really cheap in both cities. It is simply a relaxed shape to travel. Definitely more relaxed and communicative than in a tightly squeezed plane.

Decide for yourself whether you want to preserve our planet or continue to contribute to its destruction. Travelling is not the problem, but the "how" is..
P. Freisberg

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  1. Good day,
    how do I find out on which days a sleeping car runs from Berlin to Vienna? Background: I can book the night train, but not a sleeper compartment.

    1. Hello "Beja".
      Generally, there is a sleeper car on this route, which I have used myself. Quite pleasant journey times (departure and arrival).
      If it is fully booked (which is often the case), you can no longer book it - it then no longer appears in the booking system (depending on the provider) as a selection option.
      Do you already have an approximate travel date?
      You can also insert your travel dates here. Here you can go through the days of a calendar and see whether a sleeper is bookable:
      Many greetings, Peter 🙂

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