Travelling regularly on night trains since the 1980s

My father took me on trips by night train, mostly to France. Always on holiday. It got me hooked. For over 35 years, you'll now find me regularly on night trains around the globe.

Now I am a father myself and take my son with me on these night train journeys. He's still small - but I can feel that he's already really enjoying it.

And in between: I'm renovating a half-timbered house, taking care of my parents and running the internet project.

This is my personal project. Rather private. Because it's simply fun to travel by train. The best way to cover long distances with a child and experience many wonderful moments together.

Enjoy reading, Peter 🙂

I like to travel. Experience new things. What is important for me is that it sustainable happens. For nature and for my spirit.
P. Freisberg
Train traveller
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